Is it REALLY worth it?

24 May


Priorities……I have told myself for years I had them in the right order. A favorite and long serving quote has been “Short term sacrifice for a Long term gain.”

Life for the past few years has challenged me to rethink this…… see my son who is soon to be 25 years old and now a daddy of two beautiful babies, suddenly in a blink of my eye became a strong, family serving, opinionated young man vs the rebellious, stubborn, opinionated young punk I viewed him as an adolescent!

If it surprises you to hear a mother speak of her child this way… obviously have not had the pleasant experience of raising a child who has inherited your own personality traits and enjoyed challenging you just about every step of the way  🙂

Reshuffling and recreating my priorities people…life is not a movie that just jumps from one scene to the next without a thought of how the actors got there.

HMMMMMM yes…I do believe it REALLY is worth it


Sometimes….. I HATE being right!!!!

29 Mar

Todays Real Estate market is like one most people have never experienced…….with that being said I had the unfortunate privilege of being right today….and wish I wasn’t!

Another home is now on the market for sale today.

A great guy that I met with about a year and a half ago “needed” to sell his home due to personal and financial challenges. Well you know the song and dance:

Potential Seller: “What? You are telling me my house is worth that? No way am I going to give it away!”

Realtor (Me): “I don’t want you to give your house away either….unfortunately when you put your home for sale you are entering a beauty contest and a price war. Homes that have sold recently in the area dictate the market value of what your house is worth.”

Potential Seller: “Well I paid $____ for this house and have put $____ amount of money into – if I sell I MUST sell it for $_____!!!”    (Fill in the blanks) 

Realtor (Me): “While I hear what you are saying, please understand that when a potential buyer is shopping for a home, they are comparing your home against others that are in like areas and like condition and will select the home THEY buy based on their PERCEPTION of what home will be the best value for THEM. I’m sure you would do the same if you were buying, wouldn’t you?”

Potential Seller: “Well ya…… BUT……. I MUST sell it for $_____!!! So I’m not gonna put it on the market until next spring. That’s when all the good buyers are shopping.”

A year and a half later……….the home is now for sale…..values of this particular neighborhood have plummeted and the home will go on the market as a short sale. To the tune of $40,000 less than we discussed a year and a half ago.

No real winners here……HMMMMMMMMM……

Helping You To Help Yourself!

22 Mar

Seems everyday there is a new reason that we as people are being asked to help “someone” else out.

My kids are selling cookies……..Can you  help me out?

  • I give you cash – your child earns recognition/rewards – I get some delicous cookies…..OK THIS SOUNDS GOOD!

My organization is raising money………Can you help me out?

  • I donate money, time, energy, ideas or stuff – your organization gets resources to help their cause –  I get the emotional satisfaction knowing I am making a difference in my community…..I REALLY LIKE THIS!

My family wants to buy a home but we haven’t saved the money for a downpayment or secured financing ….BUT I want to start looking…..Can you help me out?

WHOA…..Did I just hear that??? Better yet….Did YOU just ASK that?? REALLY????

I invest my business time to research homes …wait you don’t know how much your price range is because you aren’t paying cash and tell me your credit is the information I may provide you is PROBABLY going to be wrong (this by the way increases the chances that you will think I don’t know my job once you FINALLY talk to a lender and find out either your credit that would have gotten you approved 2 years ago now is now NOT in an approvable range).

Ok now we go actually look at a few homes…you are exposing yourself to an emotional roller coaster because you fall in love with a house and finally agree to talk to a lender…..Oh dang…..who would have thought those “mystery” credit errors will take several months to clear up. By the time your credit is taken care of…..the house you loved is now under contract by another buyer who actually secured their financing before they started looking….

  • I invest hours and hours of my business energy to jump thru your hoops – you don’t get the home you fell in love with – AND now you also think I suck at my job – HMMMMM…….

Yes……a GREAT Realtor will help you to help yourself!!!!!

The question is…..will you let us????

Can you believe it???

15 Feb

There are many things in life that can make you stop and say “Hmmmmmmm”. If you see your cup of life as half empty or half full this can be an extremely frightening or exciting moment.

I know that where I am today in my life personally was unthinkable just one short year ago…..

Embracing each and everyday is a choice to accept a gift …..will you open the present of today…..or will your gift remain on the shelf??

Hello world!

1 Mar

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