Helping You To Help Yourself!

22 Mar

Seems everyday there is a new reason that we as people are being asked to help “someone” else out.

My kids are selling cookies……..Can you  help me out?

  • I give you cash – your child earns recognition/rewards – I get some delicous cookies…..OK THIS SOUNDS GOOD!

My organization is raising money………Can you help me out?

  • I donate money, time, energy, ideas or stuff – your organization gets resources to help their cause –  I get the emotional satisfaction knowing I am making a difference in my community…..I REALLY LIKE THIS!

My family wants to buy a home but we haven’t saved the money for a downpayment or secured financing ….BUT I want to start looking…..Can you help me out?

WHOA…..Did I just hear that??? Better yet….Did YOU just ASK that?? REALLY????

I invest my business time to research homes …wait you don’t know how much your price range is because you aren’t paying cash and tell me your credit is the information I may provide you is PROBABLY going to be wrong (this by the way increases the chances that you will think I don’t know my job once you FINALLY talk to a lender and find out either your credit that would have gotten you approved 2 years ago now is now NOT in an approvable range).

Ok now we go actually look at a few homes…you are exposing yourself to an emotional roller coaster because you fall in love with a house and finally agree to talk to a lender…..Oh dang…..who would have thought those “mystery” credit errors will take several months to clear up. By the time your credit is taken care of…..the house you loved is now under contract by another buyer who actually secured their financing before they started looking….

  • I invest hours and hours of my business energy to jump thru your hoops – you don’t get the home you fell in love with – AND now you also think I suck at my job – HMMMMM…….

Yes……a GREAT Realtor will help you to help yourself!!!!!

The question is…..will you let us????


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