Is it REALLY worth it?

24 May


Priorities……I have told myself for years I had them in the right order. A favorite and long serving quote has been “Short term sacrifice for a Long term gain.”

Life for the past few years has challenged me to rethink this…… see my son who is soon to be 25 years old and now a daddy of two beautiful babies, suddenly in a blink of my eye became a strong, family serving, opinionated young man vs the rebellious, stubborn, opinionated young punk I viewed him as an adolescent!

If it surprises you to hear a mother speak of her child this way… obviously have not had the pleasant experience of raising a child who has inherited your own personality traits and enjoyed challenging you just about every step of the way  🙂

Reshuffling and recreating my priorities people…life is not a movie that just jumps from one scene to the next without a thought of how the actors got there.

HMMMMMM yes…I do believe it REALLY is worth it


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